The Illusion: a preview blog

Hey Guys,


I have a question for you.

Imagine you got a technology to clone yourself, do you think your replica will be an exact copy of you? Can he play guitar like you? Or Can he matches your basketball skill?

So Your clone version will have the same DNA 🧬 structure & these DNA carries all your genetic information. So technically your clone will look like you, to an extent he will sound like you, he will have all the qualities that you have inherited. But when it comes to trainable quality/skills you can’t get your desirable result. But don’t be so greedy; it’s ok!

What’s more do you want? Now you can send your Clone to school & you enjoy Netflix at home OR ask him to attend your boss while you are chilling somewhere in miami. Sounds so much fun right!

But things will not be so simple though. Let me explain you. When we came to this world we were like a raw product Like a machine & we didn’t know anything. We learnt things from our family, friends, society, environment; just like machine learning. (So what if humans are just machines like Computers & by evolution we developed Artificial intelligence & we are following patterns that’s why most people like to stick with majority. But that’s a topic for another blog).

We have blessed with some outstanding sets of stimulus receptors; in simple word we have organs like eye, ear, nose, skin & they help us to gather the maximum amount of inputs from surroundings & send it to brain. Our brain analyses the input & reach in a conclusion.

Lets take an example of a baby. He got to know that people walk by their feet by observing them. Here eye is the stimulus receptor & send it via our nervous system. Brain analyses the input then only the child can think on walking.

But WHAT IF that baby is the only human being in this world; surrounded by animals in jungle. Most probably the baby will observe the animals & grow up like an animal. He may walk like a dog or crawl like a crocodile. He will be different in lots of aspects as compared to a normal child.

He may walk like this 😀

So our environment molds our personality & Your clone will not have the same experience of life what you have. So I am sorry, your clone version will not last a day & you teacher or boss will catch him in the first conversation itself.

But the point is what if the input we are getting are scripted or someone’s propaganda & we are accepting it as a truth because the majority of the world believes in it or we were taught to believe it from our young age. That means we are living in an illusion. So my aim is to show a different perspective on different beliefs which are demanding a revisit with LOGIC.

My first blog will be on:


Stay tuned.

Thank you 🙏.

6 thoughts on “The Illusion: a preview blog

  1. I’m thinking if this a little different. True, all the input the clone received would shape who he is, but is it possible this new you is just an extension, an additional potential (or problem) of the original? Double your experience with two—if the two were intuitive to distance, that would be cool. Good post. What do you think?

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    1. Most of the clones are weak, sick & their immune systems are weak. So I think instead of cloning we can program human brain in a super computer so that humans will become immortal. Elon musk is working on this project.

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